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VocabSlam Lesson Plan Options

How to Get Started
  1. Go to
  2. Create a Disqus account. Click any vocabulary word on Previous user comments will load. Click “Login” near the comment box, click “Disqus”, click “Need an account?” and create an account.
  3. Post a sentence so students can follow you. Find a word you like and post a sentence. Be sure to tell your students this word so they can find and follow you.
In-Class Options

  Individual Work

  • Have all students go to and create Disqus usernames/profiles with information that will help you identify them later (i.e. John Smith, Period 5).
  • Have each student click “Click for Random Word” located on the top left.
  • Once a word appears, have each student read the definition and sample sentence, and then type in his/her own sentence in the "Leave a Message" box below the word. (Note: Be sure that the students include something in the sentence that indicates the word’s meaning. For example, don’t say “My brother is often trifling,” say “My brother is often trifling because he’ll cheat at PlayStation just to get a few extra points.”)
    Group Work

  • Split your class up into small groups (3-4 students per group).
  • Have one member of each group use the “Click for Random Word” function.
  • Tell each group to discuss the meaning of their word so that every group member understands the word, the part of speech, and how to use it in a sentence.
  • In the “Leave a Message” box, have one student in the group post a sentence using the vocabulary word.
  • Have each remaining group members “reply” to the initial sentence using that same word so that everyone is engaged and uses the word properly and in conversation. If they like a sentence, they can vote it up. If they don’t like it, they can vote it down; but, should post a new sentence with better usage.

Homework Options (Note: First have students follow you on the VocabSlam site—see “How to Get Started” above).

Example Assignment #1

  • Have each student go to and post 10 sentences using words not previously known.
  • In the next class, have the students share some of the new sentences they learned with the group.
Example Assignment #2

  • Pick 10 words for your students to comment on at home, and discuss the sentences the following class. 
  • Try this for three weeks!

Questions? Contact the VocabSlam Crew at