How to Get Started

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1) For SAT words, click the "SAT" button. Same goes for GRE. Then, find a word you don't know by clicking "Random word" on the right-hand side or scrolling through the A-Z list.

2) Click the word, read the definition and sample sentence, then type in your own sentence in the "Leave a Message" box below the word. Be sure to include something in the sentence that indicates the word’s meaning. For example, don’t say “My brother is often trifling,” say “My brother is often trifling because he’ll cheat at PlayStation just to get a few extra points.” If you want to leave a video reply, go to

3) "Connect with" Twitter, Facebook, or G+, or pick user name. Be sure to click the box to Register with Disqus-- it lets you track your sentences and connect with other users. If you have already registered with Disqus, click the “D” button to “Connect with” Disqus. Click the gear button to Edit Settings and upload an Avatar profile image.

Learn three new words each day.  Every time you create a new sentence, vote on at least three sentences other than those you created.  If you downvote a sentence, make up one that you think is better.

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